Job offer description :

Project Assistant





This position is within the team of the Pilot Project "Enhancing Plastic Packaging Value Chain in Ho Chi Minh City" of the regional project Rethinking Plastics: Circular Economy Solutions to Marine Litter. The pilot project aims through different approaches and activities to support the development of the regulatory framework for Extended Producer Responsability EPR and to analyze the current situation of the value chain and its gaps on the basis of field surveys.

The project ‘Rethinking Plastics – Circular Economy Solutions to Marine Litter’, co-funded by the European Union and the German Government, supports a transition towards sustainable consumption and production of plastics in East and Southeast Asia. With these efforts, it contributes to a significant reduction of marine litter and also strengthens the cooperation between the EU and countries in the region. In Vietnam, Expertise France implements the project in close collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) to i) Enhancing policy dialogues, ii) Management of plastic waste, iii) Sustainable consumption and production of plastic, iv) Reduction of litter from sea-based sources, v) Increasing awareness.



Description of activities

  • Under the supervision of the scientific manager, ensure continuous dialogue with the stakeholders of the plastic packaging value chain (local authorities, operators, collectors)
    • Exchange by email and phone with various interlocutors
    • Prepare working meetings with administrative waste management services (DoNRE and district management offices); prepare meeting reports
    • Conduct individual questionnaire-type interviews with stakeholders
    • Prepare events and activities with stakeholders
    • Support stakeholders during the implementation of the activities planned in the pilot project (support for administrative procedures, logistics, current translation, etc.)
  • Support the implementation of activities
    • Support the administrative and logistical organization of events, workshops (administrative procedure; contact with service providers, etc.)
    • Monitor activities
    • Notify the scientific manager of any concerns encountered
    • Set up solutions adapted to the smooth running of the project
  • Bibliographic search
  • Writing of activity reports on the activities of the pilot project
  • Writing of activity report on the work led by the project assistant
  • Translation for daily exchanges


Objectives of the position:

  • Lead or support the stakeholders in carrying out the activities of the pilot project
  • Support the scientific manager of the project in administrative procedures and dialogue with stakeholders
  • Produce activity reports


Terms of contract

The contract will take place in Ho Chi Minh City. The Team leader will have to meet the stakeholders in their respective fields of practice. The team leader will also have to work remotely, to participate in meetings and workshops in Ho Chi Minh City and to carry out meetings and workshops in Hanoi if the situation allows it.



Travel outside Ho Chi Minh City will be fully covered by the project in the form of participation in transport costs, hotel accommodation and meals. Travel in Ho Chi Minh City will not be covered, except for special travel, to be defined later.


Contract duration and salary

From July 2021 to December 2021 40 hours / week

1,000 (social charges, if they are not yet paid, will be deducted from the salary) Workplace: Ho Chi Minh City



Organization chart


The project assistant will work under the direct responsibility of the scientific manager, based in HCMC; the project assistant will work closely with the other members of the project team, based in Hanoi. The scientific manager reports weekly on the activities of the pilot project to the Expertise France manager of the Rethinking Plastics project.


Required Skills

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent; the disciplines of urban planning, management of natural resources, environmental management, urban management are an asset
  • Very good interpersonal skills: diplomacy and adaptation to various audiences
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Good knowledge and practice of Vietnamese administrative procedures
  • Adaptation skills to work with different actors: outdoors alongside waste collectors and in offices alongside decision-makers
  • Good writing skills
  • Mother tongue: Vietnamese
  • Level of English or French: English CEFR B2 or French DELF B2 (or equivalent)
  • Personal qualities sought: Autonomy, Rigor, Diplomacy, Adaptability
  • Past-experience in operating the waste management system in HCMC is an asset
  • Past-experience in cooperation and development project in the waste sector and/or in Ho Chi Minh City is an asset



Procedure: send a CV and a motivation letter to Claire Mahéo :



31 Thái Văn Lung
Quận 1, TP Hồ Chí Minh
(84-28) 38 295 451
(84-28) 38 291 424

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